Bonadio-Chan Alliance

Tax and audit services for Chinese individuals and businesses in New York City

The right expertise, in the right place.

Chinese individuals and businesses operating in the New York Metropolitan Area can get a wide range of tax, accounting and auditing services from the Bonadio-Chan Alliance, along with native Mandarin account service from our representative in New York, William K. Chan, CPA, who serves as the senior consultant for the Alliance.

The Alliance is a partnership of industry experts from two organizations—The Bonadio Group, one of the largest accounting firms in New York and a Top 40 United States accounting firm with 10 offices in New York and Vermont, and Chan & Lee CPAs LLP, an independent New York City accounting firm with clients located in more than 40 states.

The Bonadio-Chan Alliance approaches each client relationship with the goal of acquiring a comprehensive understanding of each business, so we can plan and target our engagements effectively.

A range of services with deep expertise

Bonadio-Chan Alliance can offer our clients a wide range of services, including these specialties

  • Financial statement audits and reviews
  • Internal audit
  • Financial due diligence
  • Tax planning and compliance
  • Tax controversy and representation
  • International tax
  • Income tax compliance for international-assignment executives
William K. Chan, CPA

About William K. Chan, CPA

(646) 226-3211 |

William K. Chan is the founder and managing partner of Chan & Lee, CPAs LLP. He is a former manager with the New York City office of KPMG, where he specialized in the audit of financial institutions. Mr. Chan has served the New York City Chinese community since 1995, and specializes in tax and accounting services for individuals and for Chinese businesses in various industries, as well as for the U.S. subsidiaries of company listed in China. Mr. Chan has frequently volunteered to assist people both inside and outside of his community. He also maintains strong business ties with his native China, and is a frequent traveler to that country. Mr. Chan has a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Accountancy degree from Brigham Young University.


Bonadio-Chan Alliance maintains three convenient offices in the Greater New York area.


488 Madison Avenue

New York, NY, 10022


148A Madison Street

New York, NY, 10002


37-04 Prince Street

Flushing, NY 11354

Contact us

Phone: 646.226.3211


Bonadio-Chan 联盟



大纽约区华人及中资企业可以从Bonadio-Chan 联盟获得广泛的税务、会计和审计服务。陈健铧注册会计师是我们华语代表,同时也是Bonadio-Chan联盟高级顾问。

Bonadio-Chan 联盟是由Bonadio集团与健华会计师楼合作组成。Bonadio集团是纽约州最大会计师事务所之一,也是全美排名前四十会计师事务所,在纽约州和佛蒙特州设有十个办事处。健华会计师楼客户遍布全美四十多个州, 是位于纽约市独立的会计师事务所。

为了有效规划和准确定位我们的服务,Bonadio-Chan 联盟将充分了解每一位客户的业务。


Bonadio-Chan 联盟能为我们客户提供广泛服务,包括下列特别领域:

  • 财务报表审计和审阅
  • 内部审计
  • 财务尽职调查
  • 税务策划
  • 税务纠纷及查税代表
  • 国际税务
  • 外派管理人员的税务申报
William K. Chan, CPA


(646) 226-3211 |

陈健铧注册会计师是健华会计师楼创办人和首席合伙人,原任毕马威会计师事务所纽约 市办事处经理之一,专门从事金融机构的审计工作。自1995年起陈会计师开始为纽约 市华人社区服务,专门为个人和不同行业的企业提供税务与会计服务,客户包括中国上市 公司在美国的子公司。陈先生还经常热心帮助社区内外需要协助的人士,并与祖国保 持紧密的商业关系。陈会计师毕业于杨佰翰大学, 取得理学士及会计学硕士学位。


Bonadio-Chan 联盟在纽约市拥有三个交通便利的办事处。









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